Hedman Alas® Tegucigalpa (TGA)


The capital city of Tegucigalpa is the most populated in Honduras. It has several shopping malls, a very active nightlife, and cultural centers like the Museum of National Identity. Historically Tegucigalpa was a mining town known as Cerro de la Plata for its abundant mineral deposits. Just outside of the city you’ll find La Tigra National Park, and rustic towns like Santa Lucia, Valle de Angeles and Ojojona.

We have increased the size of our Tegucigalpa Terminal, we are located in Blvd. Centro America. We no longer have offices in Comayaguela.


Hedman Alas® Siguatepeque (SIG)


We invite you to the Garden city, coined for being evergreen and colorful. This developing agricultural region has a rural feeling due to the influence of agricultural and forestry organizations. Siguatepeque is also famous for the excellent quality of their local produce and cuisine. This city has been one of Hedman Alas‘s rest stops for many years, the food at Don Tiki Restaurant is amazing.

In Siguatepeque we are located at Don Tiki Restaurant, our nostalgic stop for over 30 years.


Hedman Alas® Lake Yojoa (LYO)

La historia y el encanto del Lago de Yojoa lo hace uno de los destinos más atractivos del corredor turístico entre Tegucigalpa y San Pedro Sula. Lago Yojoa es la superficie de agua mas grande de Honduras con un area de 79 km quadrados y un promedio de profundidad de 15 metros (50 pies).  Su ecosistema consiste en más de 400 especies de pájaros y 800 de flora y fauna que se han identificado en la región, con parques ecológicos Los Naranjos y Panacam preservando la región. El destino ofrece un multitud de actividades; como KayakingZiplineCascadas, y Cerveza Artesanal.

En el Lago de Yojoa no tenemos oficina, trabajamos con un punto de desabordaje y abordaje en la posta policial de La Guama. Para viajar desde este destino es necesario tener su boleto pre-comprado (sea por internet, teléfono, o en cualquiera de nuestras oficinas) y llenar el formulario de “Precheck Yojoa” para programar la parada del autobús.


Hedman Alas® San Pedro Sula (SAP)

San Pedro Sula-Hedman-Alas

The Industrial City of Honduras is a meeting point for many of the Industrial Leaders of Honduras. San Pedro Sula‘s growth has led it to become a Tourism Hub for Honduras. Connecting the Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport and Grand Central Metropolitan Bus Station, most destinations are only a few hours away. For an authentic experience explore the Guamilito market, and also visit a variety of local shops and restaurants that serve national and international cuisine. Learn from our cultural attractions like the Museum of Anthropology and History, Museum of Art “Daisy Fasquelle Bonilla”, the Cathedral or the Museum of Nature. Watch soccer games and cheer the national team along side hundreds of adoring fans. Connect with nature by hiking the Merendon Mountains in Cusuco National Park or walk the famous Coca-Cola sign for a view of the entire city.

Our terminal in San Pedro Sula is home to our main hub, we are located in the Grand Central Metropolitan Bus Station. All our buses transit through San Pedro Sula to reach their final destinations.


Hedman Alas® Ramon Villeda Morales Int. Airport (ATO)


Visiting Honduras, but your final destination is not San Pedro Sula? No worries, you can catch our bus directly from the Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport in San Pedro Sula. We offer strategic connections with several carriers from all over the world.

As soon as you clear airport customs, turn left, our office is located at the end of the hallway. We have seats so you can relax while you await your bus.


Hedman Alas® Tela (TLA)


Hedman Alas® La Ceiba (CBA)

La Ceiba-Hedman-Alas

La Ceiba is a lively city; famous for its festive carnivals, nightlife, and beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Honduras. The name La Ceiba name originates for the Spanish name of the Cotton Tree or Kapoc Tree. We recommend visiting Pico Bonito National Park, go rafting on the Cangrejal River, or hiking in two adjacent national parks, contributing to La Ceiba’s fame as the Eco-Tourism Capital of Honduras. It is also a a strategic point for backpackers and those on their way to the Bay Islands and Cayos Cochinos because of their proximity to the mainland.

We have two locations in La Ceiba, one is in Downtown on the 15 de Septiembre Boulevard, and the other is a mini-station at the Ferry Dock, choose the one that leads you onto your next adventure.


Hedman Alas® La Ceiba Ferry Dock (ISL)

ferry dock-Hedman-Alas isl

The Municipal Ferry Dock of La Ceiba is one of the main regional ports of the North Coast of Honduras. It’s a docking point for many cargo and passenger ships that travel between the mainland and the Bay Islands, specifically Roatan and Utila. Thousands of travelers transit through the Ferry Dock each week stimulating the tourism and business economy of La Ceiba, Roatan, Utila, and many small keys.

Our Dispatch Point is located between the Galaxy Wave that travels to Roatan, and the Utila Dream which travels to the island of Utila. Purchase your Hedman Alas bus tickets to connect directly with the La Ceiba Ferry Dock (ISL).


Galaxy Wave® | Utila Dream® Roatan (ROA)


World-renowned for its spectacular beaches, colorful coral reefs, and recreational activities, Roatan is one of Honduras’s favorite tourism destinations. Roatan has a rich history in Pirate Tales, Colonies, and its influence in the Fruit Exportation industry. It’s economy is driven by tourism and fishing. Something special about the Bay Islands is that while they are part of Honduras, most of the population speaks English as a first language, and Spanish as a second.

The Galaxy Wave offices are located towards the center of the island, in Dixon Cove. Remember that Hedman Alas arrives and departs from the Municipal Dock of La Ceiba (ISL).


Utila Dream® Utila (UTL)


The island of Utila is the smallest of the Bay Islands of Honduras. Its located only 38 km off the North Coast of Honduras. Utila is internationally known for its Scuba Diving, ecology, and laid back feel. Its a famous destination on the backpacker route, because its affordable and very enjoyable.

The Utila Dream offices are located in the Henderson building off the main road.Remember that Hedman Alas arrives and departs from the Municipal Dock of La Ceiba (ISL).


Hedman Alas® Santa Rosa de Copan


Hedman Alas® Copan Ruinas (CPR)


Copan Ruins is a sacred treasure of Honduras, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1980, it’s home to the Mayan Ruins. We invite you to travel time by trekking the different archeological parks, which are recognized for being the center of Mayan culture and art. Copan Ruinas is a traditional Honduran town, preserving a colonial history locked in time, with cobble stone roads and buildings from the early 1900’s. This destination is one of our favorites, and beautiful in ever way.

Our terminal in Copan Ruinas has a small garden, its a nice place to hang out while waiting for the bus. Our PromoDias Membership offers a 20% discount at all of Honduras’s archeological sites.


Hedman Alas® Guatemala City

Guatemala CITY-Hedman-Alas

When you arrive in Guatemala City its easy to become enchanted by the city lights, and cool weather. The city is well organized, and culturally, the people are very friendly. The city offers several extravagant malls, lots of activities, luxury hotels, incredible cuisine, and a great nightlight. We recommend visiting the National Palace of Culture, the Relief Map of Guatemala and as well as the local market on guided city tours.

Our Guatemala City terminal is centrically located in the hotel district, zone 10.


Hedman Alas® Antigua Guatemala (ANT)


Antigua Guatemala 

Historically known for being the 3rd Capital of Central America, Antigua was founded in the 1500’s. The cobble stone streets are adorned by Spanish Baroque architecture that is completely preserved in time. Antigua is a romantic destination, with beautiful hotels, gourmet restaurants, and boutiques. There are Jade and Silver deposits in the surrounding areas of Antigua, for this reason there are many artesian Jade and handcrafted Silver jewelry boutiques. The local gastronomy is flavorful, and rich in tradition. The market is fun, the bright colors, handcrafted decorations, and people make for an unforgettable experience. This beautiful city was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1979 .

Our office in Antigua is located within La Posada de Don Rodrigo, on the same street as the famous Santa Catalina Arch. Use your PromoDias Membership for a great benefit at La Posada de Don Rodrigo. In Antigua we have a pre-check system, let us know where you are staying the day before traveling so we know which hotel to send our shuttle in the morning.

TGA- Blvd. Centroamerica, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
SIG- Highway, Siguatepeque, Honduras
LYO- La Guama Police Station, Lake Yojoa, Honduras
SAP- Gran Central Metropolitana, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
ATO- International Airport, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
TLA- Aleros Texaco, Tela, Honduras
CBA- Blvd. 15 de Septiembre, La Ceiba, Honduras
ISL- Ferry Dock, La Ceiba, Honduras
ROA- Roatan, Honduras
UTL- Utila, Honduras
SRC- Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras
CPR- Copan Ruinas
GUA- Zona 10, Ciudad Guatemala, Guatemala
ANT- Antigua Guatemala