Hedman Alas Concierge

 Hedman Alas® Concierge

Customer Service al Cliente por Telefono
Everyday: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sales: info@hedmanalas.com
Customer Service: atencion@hedmanalas.com

Call our agents, they speak English and Spanish.

  • HN +504 2516-2273
  • HN +504 2668-0179
  • HN +504 2231-0378
  • HN +504 2441-5347
  • HN +504 2651-4037
  • GT +502 2362-5072
  • GT +502 7832-6162

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We have bilingual agents attending calls from morning to evening everyday through our Hedman Alas® Concierge Service.
We partnered with PromoDias® to offer you our Concierge platform. Their agents handle our call volume while we offer customer support to all PromoDias community members.

Call us for additional information, Hedman Alas® bus tickets, hotels, or events that we sponsor. Let our agents make your trip easier.

*All calls are recorded, we report suspicious activities directly to the authorities.

We answer in less than 24 hours