Pre-Check for Lake Yojoa pick up

In Lake Yojoa we offer an Express Service, we pick up and drop off passengers on the main highway near the La Guama Police Station. We created this pick up/drop off point for backpackers to have better connectivity between Honduran and Guatemalan tourism destinations.  For this location you have to pre-purchase your bus tickets, then fill out the Pre-Check Yojoa form with 3-24 hours notice before your departure time. This gives us enough time to verify information and coordinate your trip with our staff.

Steps for boarding in Lake Yojoa:

1. Purchase Hedman Alas bus ticket with origin code LYO, this can be done online, by phone, or at any of our offices.

Local Hedman Alas® Partners in Lake Yojoa Area:

2. Fill out the”Pre-check Yojoa” form 3 to 24 hours before your designated departure time, otherwise your stop will not be scheduled even if your ticket is already purchased.

3. Be at the the designated location on time, along the CA-5 highway. We are working with two locations, one for buses traveling North, and another for South. See diagram and photos below.
4. Show your pre purchased bus ticket or electronic confirmation number, with your cedula or passport to the driver to board the bus.

Where do we board?

If you are traveling South (LYOSIG, TGA) we board at the La Guama Police Station

If you are traveling North (LYOSAP, ATO, CBA, ISL, CPR, GUA, ANT) we board immediately before the curve, approximately 100 meters from the La Guama Police Station. Directly in front of a green shack on the right side of the highway.

*Precheck Terms

  • It is mandatory to fill out the requested information on the “Precheck Yojoa” form. If you purchase a bus ticket, but do not fill out the “Precheck Yojoa” form, the bus will not stop and be considered a customer absence. For security we require specific information from each traveler prior to boarding the bus.
  • It is necessary to pre-check each passenger individually, even if you are traveling in a group. 
  • We do not permit carry-on luggage for this portion of travel. For security all luggage (bags, backpacks, carry-ons’, suitcases) must be documented in the Precheck Yojoa form and stored below the bus. The driver will have the luggage tags already filled out based on the information provided on the “Pre-check Yojoa” form for each traveler. You will have access to your carry on luggage at the next full service terminal (SAP or SIG/TGA)
  • We are not responsible for delays; or inconveniences while waiting for the bus. 

Pre-check formula for Lake Yojoa

TGA- Blvd. Centroamerica, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
SIG- Highway, Siguatepeque, Honduras
LYO- La Guama Police Station, Lago Yojoa, Honduras
SAP- Gran Central Metropolitana, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
ATO- International Airport, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
TLA- Aleros Texaco, Tela, Honduras
CBA- Blvd. 15 de Septiembre, La Ceiba, Honduras
ISL- Ferry Dock, La Ceiba, Honduras
ROA- Roatan, Honduras
UTL- Utila, Honduras
SRC- Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras
CPR- Copan Ruinas
GUA- Zona 10, Ciudad Guatemala, Guatemala
ANT- Antigua Guatemala